led mining cap lamp
  • led mining cap lamp
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  • led cap lamp
  • miner cap lamp

GST-7 B Semi-corded coal mining lamp with strong brightness and USB charging way

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Green Lighting

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200 pc

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Product Description

GST-7 B New SEMI-CORDED cap lamp 


This lamp uses CREE high power white led as main light, 6pcs SMD leds as the auxiliary lights,and designed with high property 5.6Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery. 

It uses 30cm cable to connect headlamp and battery housing!Length of the cable can customize.And designed Battery shell with reflective stickers ,which can make you safe!the brightness also can reach 10000lux. It is also long lighting time,long life time,high intensity,low usage cost,and high safety.


1.CE/ATEX certified.  

2.Safety Strap,charger and hat guard included. 

3.Pedestrian visibility light on battery pack.  

4.explosion-proof, water-proof,protection in electrical short circuit.

5.This lamp has three charging modes.USB charger (USB cable),cradle charger (battery part) or cradle charger (lamp head part). Any of them are avaliable.

6.All our mining safety cap lamps has one year warranty. We will keep free maintenance for you in one year. 

Technical Specifications:

Light source 1pcs main light and 6pcs auxiliary lights
Battery capacity 5.6Ah
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Main light current 350mA
Power of the main light 1.3W
Illuminous 156LUM
Brightness of the main light  8000lux
Life span for main LED  8000hours
Battery cycles  500 cycles
Working time 16 hours
Weight  375g
Water-proof grade  IP68
Certified  CE, ATEX, EXIB II


This caplamp can be used in Mine, underground working, Patrolling, Overhauling and Emergency in electrical power company,Military, Police, Fire Fighting, Dockyard and other hazardous locations ect.


USB charger (USB cable),cradle charger (battery part) or cradle charger (lamp head part).


 packing by colorful box of unit lamp with single charger, 20pcs/carton,10.96kg/carton.
carton size: 36cm*44cm*44cm





Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/WU

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led mining cap lampled mining cap lamp

led miners cap lampled miners cap lamp

led cap lampled cap lamp

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