3100 Lumen Silicone Led Waterproof Strip Lights 35W/M for Underground Tunnel

3100 Lumen Silicone Led Waterproof Strip Lights 35W/M  for Underground Tunnel

Model No.︰GL-XLM-1236-35W

Brand Name︰Green Lighting

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Led Light Strips Feature:

Powerful 35W Food-grade Silicon LED light strip with homogenous illumination,IP68 waterproof, and IK10 impact protection are suitable for dust, moisture, rain, vibration, compression, and corrosive gas environment lighting.

Main Parameter of Flexible 220V AC GL-XLM-1236-35W-280-AC220 Outdoor Led Strip Lights

Model GL-XLM-1236-35W-280-AC220
LED Chip Epistar
Led light source SMD2835
LED configuration 280 LED spaced evenly over a metre length
Size 36*12mm
IP Rating IP68
Recommended fixing height 5 - 6 Metres
Colour temperature 6200K±200
Colour Rendering Index CRI > 80
Flux (lm) 3100Lumens / M
Voltage on lighting AC220V
Ultimate Tension(N) 600N
Operating temperature -20~50°C
Light maintenance 15%-20% Drop over 4 years
Lifespan 5 Years
Warranty Lighting 3 Years
Outer covering Food grade silicone
Fire Rating V1
Impact Level Test(Shatter Resistance Level ) IK08
Continually length(M) 100m
Protection Short Circuit,Over Voltage,Over temperature,Over Curren

Led Strip Lights

Most conventional underground mining lighting systems lose up to 50% luminescence within the first 4 to 6 months and rarely last beyond the 12-month mark.

Green Lighting LED Strip Lighting uses highly specialized components making it able to withstand being continuously energized. Green Lighting LED Strip Lighting functions at optimal efficiency in the most challenging environments for long periods of time. The light output lost is marginal at ±5% per annum for the first four years, thereafter stabilizing at ±1-2% per annum.

Our plug and play system

Conventional lighting requires separate power and a wired connection to every lamp, needing the expertise of electricians. This becomes labor-intensive and costly when running many meters of lighting. The GREEN LIGHTING LED Strip Lighting plugs into an existing power source using a power supply which then connects to one end of the LED strip.

Maintenance-free. Easy to repair.

Damage to lighting through routine underground activities happens. When a conventional lamp is damaged, it results in loss of illumination over many meters – making the affected area a safety hazard until repaired by a qualified electrician. Should a section of the GREEN LIGHTING strip light be damaged, only this section loses light. The remaining portion of the strip continues to provide illumination – allowing for a safer environment. Additionally, damaged sections can be replaced in 8" strips – making it a quick and cost-effective fix.

• Intelligent temperature management, sensors monitor LED temperature and if safe parameters are exceeded the affected LED’s are automatically dimmed until safe temperatures are restored.
• Intelligent voltage surge management, restorable resistors limit overcurrent and overvoltage situations.
• AC to DC converters, miniature voltage converters.
• Short circuit protection, in the case of a short circuit the power is isolated until the circuit is normalized.

Reduced maintenance requirements

By comparison, the working life of a fluorescent light is significantly shorter than five years and therefore requires more frequent changing out of the light source, more maintenance activity, and potential operational impact.

LED Strip Lighting does not typically fail catastrophically, as is usually the case with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light output generally decreases over time. This allows for a regular maintenance schedule and replacement prior to failure, maintaining consistency of lighting, and improving safety underground.

The optimum solution for mining illumination, Green Lighting LED Strip Lighting is made of a high-grade, fire retardant soft Silica Gel and is IP68 rated, making it compact and robust.

Virtually indestructible

About Green Lighting Technology CO., Ltd.

Green Lighting Technology CO., Ltd. is specialized in anti-explosive led flexible strip light and industrial application products over 15 year since 2006, located in Shenzhen City of China. We are a leading manufacturer of safety LED mining cap lamps, explosion-proof lighting, LED outdoor lighting, flashlight, and other industrial products. We have superior electronic engineers, superior structure engineers and optical engineers within our design staff members and we have a solid reputation for offering innovation, high quality & punctual delivery time to all customers all over the world. Welcome to come to China and visit our factory in your free time.

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