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Has your company changed its name ?


GREEN LIGHTING ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has developed rapidly in recent years. GREEN LIGHTING ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has grown from an initial small-scale production enterprise to a comprehensive technology-based enterprise integrating worldwide business development, production and R&D. And GREEN LIGHTING ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD also renamed to GREEN LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Please update us in your system to GREEN LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

Green Lighting Electronics moved to new factory




The new factory address: 

2nd Floor, XinYi Building, Sha Bei Li Industrial Area, Long Gang District, Shen Zhen City, China. 518116

Move factory reason: company diamension enlarge from team to satisfy new adding copperated customers and old customers underground mine lights production and quality demand.


Good surrounding for workers.

Good visit experience for customers.

More space capacity to storage standard mining lamp model; sample order with short delivery.

More convenient to transporation.

Better to long term development.  




Green Lighting Electronics - high-tech enterprises

GREEN LIGHTING obtains the high-tech enterprises in SHENZHEN. 

GREEN LIGHTING Electronics is a professional designer and producer for underground mine lights over 13 years. We pay attention to innovation and research on underground lights production processing, structure design, optical design, tooling design and underground lighting environment. 

The goal of GREEN LIGHTING is producing more reliable, high performance, high safety, functional lighting equipment for underground workers and increasing product efficiency, reducing the business costs. 

Welcome your sincere cooperation.


Busy Production of miner cap lamp

3pcs Production line:

1. New design Charger Rack manufacture

The cap lamp charging rack can replace charger base to charging cordless/semi-corded/corded cap lamp.


2. GLC-6 cordless cap lamp: 

Brightest cordless mining lights with 130000lux

14-16hour work time

high-low beam -SOS

OLED Screen: display battery capacity, time, date and other info

USB Charging / Cradle charger


3. GL12-A Corded cap lamp:

High brightness 25000lux 

4levels lighting mode: work - strong - auxiliary - SOS

Low power warning function

Alunimum Reflector to better lighting spot 


25000Lux Newest Cordless Cap Lamp GLC-6S

Research and develop newest cordless cap lamp GLC-6S:

1. Generation headlamp:

Improve on the basis of our GLC-6 according to customers' feedback

2. USB Charging Suppport

3. 4 levels lighting mode: 25000lux (5-6hour work time)  ----13000lux work light (14-16hour work time)------auxiliary light --- SOS (ask for help)

4. OLED screen: display battery capacity, time and others info 

5. More handy switch (convenient and easy touch switch on the helmet)

6. Customized Cradle Charger , Charger Rack for options

7. Ultrasonic waterproof processing with all in one structure IP68

GLC-6 Cordless Cap Lamp Charger Rack with Double Side

GLC-6 Cordless Cap Lamp Charger Rack:


1.  18 units charging rack

2. Each lamp charges independently with an LED per charge port to indicate charging or fully charged.

3. Double side putting (Save space), single side for options

4. Voltage  Input: 110V-240V

5. Voltage Output: 5V, 2A

6. 9units / 18units / 30units / 60units all available

7. Suit for our model GLC-6 cordless cap lamp

8. Size: Width 71cm * Height 87CM * Thickness 30CM

9.  Customization service

 Mining Cap Lamp with Busy Production 

GL12-A : 25000lux corded cap lamp, high-work-auxiliary-SOS 

GLC-6: 13000Lux cordless cap lamp, OLED screen to display battery capacity, date and others, USB charging, Customized charger rack

GLT-2 5000lux traditional cordless cap lamp, high low beam

Finishing products and then make a aging test and impact test and waterproof test

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